Activities of the Research and Development Fund of Industries and Mines

Activities of the Research and Development Fund of Industries and Mines

Providing financial services and facilities
Providing financial and facility services to individuals and legal entities in the form of subsidies, short-term and long-term facilities, payment of all or part of the benefits of related facilities and crimes, and providing guarantee services for research projects, technology, innovation and commercialization of research results
Attract and direct investors' financial resources
Attracting or directing government funds, authorized banks and credit institutions and other funds in line with the goals, tasks and powers of the fund
Evaluation and feasibility of projects
Providing evaluation and feasibility services for business plans and supervision, evaluation of projects and research and technology projects

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(Venture Capital (VC

(Venture Capital (VC

Venture capital (vc) in research and technology projects that are prone to leaps and bounds in value and of course a lot of risk is done to support knowledge-based enterprises

Design guarantee

Design guarantee

Ensuring the payment of obligations and installments of research and technology projects in the contract in order to expedite and facilitate the implementation of projects and contracts and the certification and safeguarding of property and assets in order to prevent interruptions in the implementation of projects



Obtaining and granting brokerage and agency of financial resources of governmental and non-governmental natural and legal persons in the field of research and technology



Our dear teachers are officers in the army of national progress

The qualities of the outputs produced by the educational system We want the outputs yielded by this great system and great machine to be outputs compatible with Islamic thought. Now, the question i ...

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